EnviroEn Inc.

Intelligent Energy Responsibility

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EnviroEn provides the key experience, technology and expertise required at each stage of the PV project bidding and development process to ensure success. This program allows a company to invest as required for each phase of the sales process to win and succeed in the local PV Systems business. Working with us concentrates your team and investment on the critical tasks at each stage as well as maximizing effectiveness.

Phase 1 - System Proposal Support


The proposal phase is a critical aspect of a project and defines your position in relation to competitors. During this period, financial and technology choices are shown based upon the requirements of the bid and the location of the PV System. The focus is to earn your business with a winning proposal.

Price Proposal:
  • Project Payback
  • IRR, NPV
  • Cash Flow
  • Government Incentives
Technical Proposal:
  • Site Analysis
  • System Design – Preliminary Vendor
  • Specification & Relationship


Phase 2 - Project Development


Having successfully won the business with Phase 1, the next step is to refine and perfect the preliminary designs and review primary decisions with a focus on profitability. A review of preliminary design, project development and preparation to complete the project, Spire works closely with a company's team to ensure proper design coordination. At the end of Phase 2, you are ready to move ahead with the installation.

Final Engineering Design:
  • Final Site Selection
  • Vendor Decisions & Negotiations
  • Review of Key Material Decisions
  • Profit Optimization
  • Creation of Final Drawings – Installation ready
  • Final Project Labor & Expertise


Phase 3 - Installation Support


Completion of Phase 1 & 2 signifies the readiness to begin installation of the PV System. The assistance with the installation phase focuses on the key aspects of construction and management of PV System. During this phase, EnviroEn provides critical consulting for core skills and resource planning required for a successful implementation of the plan developed in the second phase.

Create Project Management System:
  • Project scheduling
  • Material management
  • Project staffing and labor schedules
  • Work-site safety measures
  • Contracting with sub-contractors
Installation and Commissioning Services:
  • Oversight and commissioning of initial project
  • Assist with interconnection to local utility
  • Assure proper installation and maintenance
  • of a performance monitoring system
  • Train on system maintenance, safety, and performance monitoring
  • Support technical and marketing needs for educational and promotional programs