Simplified Energy Management Analytics Solution

Enviroen tracks emissions and the sustainability journey of water, waste and energy.

Enviroen provides an efficient energy analytics solutions to harness the nuances of the data produced within the various energy sectors and employ it more beneficially. Applying data analytics to the energy sector provides a deeper insight across all the dimensions of that sector, so as to treat it as the commodity which it actually is.

Our Solutions

Data Collection

Our centralized platform automatically extracts and tracks data while connected to the web. We acquire data from different regions, facilities and consolidations.

Sustainable Data Reporting

Generate revenue from sustained data. We integrate, automate and streamline data for sustaining and reporting processes.

Data Forecasting

Our solution can generate forecasts about natural gas, steam and water budget historical data based on independent variables.

Real-time Data Analytics

Real-time data is analyzed to provide visualization to identify energy inefficiencies and take benefit of opportunities.

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