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Energy Efficiency Solutions


Each of our Energy Efficiency Solutions have a built in gurantee of up to 4 years to the investment that you make.


Renewable Energy
Energy Measurement
Energy Efficiency

Succeeding in today’s marketplace depends on balancing your energy and environmental goals and risks. We can help your business understand how energy and environmental issues are linked, their impact on other operational areas and how an integrated energy management strategy can create a cleaner, more reliable and cost-effective energy supply while improving your company’s sustainability.

EnviroEn provides the key experience, technology and expertise required at each stage of the Energy Management process and development to ensure success.


Project Development

Having successfully won the business , the next step is to refine and perfect the preliminary designs and review primary decisions with a focus on profitability. A review of preliminary design, project development and preparation to complete the project, EnviroEn works closely with a company’s team to ensure proper design coordination. At the end of Project Development, you are ready to move ahead with the installation.

Project Construction

EnviroEn provides integrated design, procurement, construction and project management services in the renewable energy sectors of Solar PV, Off Grid Wind and Biomass Co-generation. Our ability to engineer, and execute projects in diverse economies and locations, coupled with our track record makes us the preferred supplier for many leading companies.