About Us

Succeeding in today’s marketplace depends on balancing your energy and environmental goals and risks. We can help your business understand how energy and environmental issues are linked, their impact on other operational areas and how an integrated energy management strategy can create a cleaner, more reliable and cost-effective energy supply while improving your company’s sustainability.

EnviroEn provides the key experience, technology and expertise required at each stage of the Energy Management process and development to ensure success.

Our program allows an organization to invest as required for each phase of the project process to succeed in optimizing the benefit from maximizing effectiveness. EnviroEn works collaboratively with each clients’s team to ensure focus on the critical aspects of each phase of the project development process.

Our business strategy is two-fold: first, to continue the growth and expansion of service-based renewable energy businesses (designing and constructing solar energy projects for third parties as well as providing maintenance and repair services) and secondly, to design, construct, own and operate solar power generation projects.