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Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Solar PV installations are often considered as static and maintenance free. Considering the Solar finances are tied for 20 years, we at Enviroen believe that a strong O&M program is the only solution to optimize the output to assured returns.
We install the best of breed component, specific monitoring equipment and best practice in installation. The purpose is to ensure the longevity and reliability of the components. This ensures predictability, vital to ROI. 
Temperature degradation, line losses soiling, snow all increase the risk to the predicted output. At EnviroEn we take a step further to ensure that the outputs are maintained and the solar projects remain attractive for the entire life cycle of the system. Lower risk results in lower finance cost that more than pay for the cost of O&M. Our O&M solutions result in holding the actual monthly out to the predicted monthly output.
The results:

  • Optimized energy production to maximize financial returns on your asset.
  • Minimized downtime
  • Maximized system lifespan
  • You remain fully informed about the performance and health of your system.

At EnviroEn we understand your need to focus on your core business. Our trained professionals value your time and will help eliminate the need of reactive repair and maintenance hassle, daily monitoring tedium, and budgeting headaches.
Under a maintenance agreement, we will schedule site visits and inspect your installation by offering a variety of services including but not limited to:
Customer service 24/7
Through on &offshore monitoring we are able to ensure response within 24hrs.

Active Monitoring Via Web

We evaluate your systems to determine the best form of monitoring  customized for  the system.

Reactive Repair Management

We identify problems through the active monitoring system and dispatch the proper service provider to resolve the issue quickly.

Break down management

Preventative Maintenance Management

We schedules annual preventative maintenance to meet two goals: to keep the system functioning properly and to maintain equipment warranties.
We combine analytics and meteorological observations to schedule module cleaning on an as-needed basis within the confines of a budget.
Contract Management Services
We first identify providers with the ideal balance of technical knowhow, responsiveness and competitive pricing. This service ensures that warranty maintenance requirements are never allowed to lapse and that any reactive repair or equipment replacement is first directed to the warranty provider.
Incentive Management
We track and cross check performance based incentive amounts, resolve discrepancies, negotiate REC contracts, register and track all REC generation with governing bodies, and maintain all required paperwork associated with the solar incentive programs.
We help establish a monetary construct for O&M early in the development of your project to ensure its financial success.

Warranty Management


We provide full reports on system performance, according to weather and time of year.