Proposal Support

Proposal Support

Multi-megawatt renewable energy parks are purchased mainly by investors for whom a constant level of profitability is a priority. In view of this fact, it is important to produce an exact, site-specific yield forecast before construction actually begins. We therefore obtain expert yield analyses from independent renowned institutions over the course of the site development phase.

A specific yield value ($/kWh) is calculated with the help of tried-and-tested simulation models, taking into account the following parameters:

  • the global solar radiation/wind intensity at the facility site
  • any shading present (ambient and internal shading)
  • the performance ratio of the facility
  • complete system losses

This predicted value is subsequently used when calculating the economic viability of the renewable energy park. The result is a profitability statement based upon a projection of the overall yield of the facility over the course of its operating life.

Our proved and standardized method of predicting the yield guarantees a stable cash flow over the years. Our well documented yield calculation is exactly what banks are expecting while approving a project during the due diligence process.