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EnviroEn Inc. has recently embarked on its first large-scale biomass power station developments. Biomass power generation is a sustainable and secure energy choice. Using an abundant, reliable fuel and tried-and-tested technology, biomass power stations can help meet renewable energy targets, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a reliable and secure electricity supply for homes and businesses.Large biomass projects also bring wider social and economic benefits such as ‘green collar’ jobs and regeneration at a local and regional level.

Biomass fuels come from a variety of sustainable sources including forestry residues, sawmill co-products, recycled wood and dedicated energy crops. They can be used to provide energy for a wide range of applications – from domestic heating to large-scale industrial heat and power generation. Wood and other biomass fuels are significant resources which re-absorb carbon as they grow through the process of photosynthesis. As photosynthesis is powered by the sun, biomass is in effect, stored solar energy.

The development of a biomass power station includes a rigorous assessment in order to minimise any potential environmental impacts and maximise its environmental benefits. EnviroEn Inc. is committed to the highest standards of sustainability and responsible development for all its renewable energy projects.

Drawing on its experience in renewable energy development and strong track record in project delivery, EnviroEn Inc. will bring its considerable engineering, technical, environmental and business development expertise to a sector with huge potential for low-carbon power generation and job creation.